Sharing One Love:Palm Beach County

Mission & Vision

Sharing One Love Media (SOL), a 501c3 established in 2014, supports anti-human trafficking groups and those serving exploited individuals by providing technology solutions in areas of outreach, and case management.

Sharing One Love Palm Beach County (SOLPBC) is a county-wide strategic platform for area stakeholders to offer assistance, support and restoration to trafficking survivors. Participating organizations may contribute at sustainable levels compatible with their missions.
Stakeholders, unique for each county, may form new chapters – such as Sharing One Love Broward.

Looking forward, a multi-agency consortium increases the possibility of successfully applying for large scale government grants addressing domestic trafficking.

Chapter Board Members

This dynamic group of dedicated volunteers focuses on building partnerships with community stakeholders and committing time and resources to fill the gaps in care. Through the creation of impactful programs, the team looks forward to successfully achieving chapter goals.

Chapter Chair

Char Talmadge

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Vice Chair

Carol Rodriguez

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Becky Dymond

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Jorge Veitia

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Supporting Organizations

Rescue Upstream

Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach

Lighthouse PBC

Community of Hope

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