About SOL

The Need to Respond 

Vulnerable women and children are in desperate times. In Miami, there are an estimated 145,000 buyers of commercial sex.*  This has created an environment where vulnerable women and children are aggressively pursued by traffickers that then sell these victims as often as every 30 minutes, to buyers that often live within the same community.

A recent report from Polaris found more than 9,000 illicit massage businesses operating in America. They exist in every single state and revenues for these businesses total approximately $2.5 billion a year. Combating this demands requires new ways to mobilize and tackle this issue properly and shifting the narrative from rescuing victims towards increasing public understanding and decreasing public tolerance.

Sharing One Love Advocates are equipped to engage in this issue within their immediate community and also be a voice in broader efforts. Every victim deserves an advocate to champion their situation and through sharing one love we can have one in every neighborhood.

Sharing One Love to transform communities to be safe places for the vulnerable.

By connecting front-line providers with community resources through our CASES program, Sharing One Love provides a shared network for community advocates; increases collaboration; encourages shared resources and information for the sake of those being served; and has components to identify (mapping) and respond to victims of human trafficking.

Sharing One Love provides churches, universities and small groups with the tools and training they need to to take action.

Our vision, to mobilize communities everywhere operating in the power of Christ’s freedom and love is the strength of our model is is building a network that provides one place for trained community members and advocates to tap into a “hub” of information sharing providing tools to help them identify and serve victims of human trafficking in a unified, collaborative way. About Our Training Sharing One Love's Advocates access online training in core strategies of sex trafficking prevention, community outreach and identifying resources for restoration. Once trained S1L Advocates can use these same resources to train other advocates on how to take action in their community. Sharing One Love's Network includes expert trainers and front line service providers that present workshops that offer Advocates additional resources in fulfilling their role. SOL also publishes a podcast that offers further insights from practitioners around the nation