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Chapter Chair

Char Talmadge

Char Talmadge is the Director of Rescue Upstream. An anti human trafficking non profit that focuses on sexual abuse prevention training, public awareness and direct outreach to victims. She lead the initiative to create a comprehensive vetting system to engage community professionals for pro bono victim services in Palm Beach County.

Char also serves on the Advisory Board for Twentyfour-Seven a leading Florida survivor lead anti human trafficking organization focused on technology solutions for rescue and reporting.

Char draws on 30 years in organizational leadership and operational development, connecting businesses to best practices and people solutions within the commercial and healthcare staffing industries. She served on the Healthcare Policy Council for the American Staffing Association and has spoken on healthcare staffing solutions at the national Healthcare Staffing Summit and other corporate conferences. Her passion is the development of collaborative and broad based solutions that positively impact the issue of human trafficking in South Florida. Phone: 561-212-0721