The Sharing One Love Network Helps Transform Lives

The Sharing One Love Network is a hub where anti-trafficking programs can access the tools and resources to collaboratively respond to Human Trafficking in their community. Our members include safe houses, community centers, outreach teams, counselors, life coaches and case managers who together deliver wrap around services to help victims recover from the trauma and abuse that results from abuse and exploitation.

Victim Case Management Tools

It is easy for Sharing One Love members to organize all their client information and activities in one secure and centralized case management system that permits case managers to build holistic case plans that address all their client's needs. Robust reporting tools help guide programs to develop best practices.

Coordinate Outreach and Referrals

Sharing One Love members regularly connect with vulnerable populations - on the street, online, via text or phone and follow-up those engagements with referrals to vetted network partners and volunteers. Using a single system for all outreach allows organizations to easily map activities and measure program outcomes.

Learn How Sharing One Love Can Help You

Make a Greater Impact In Your Community

Community Resource Application

Your Business can Help Restore a Life

As a volunteer of Sharing One Love's group of Community Resource Providers, you join local churches, businesses and individuals to help restore the lives of survivors of abuse and exploitation.  Sign-up today and create a unique resource that can bless a local survivor on their journey towards healing and restoration.

Some examples of the types of Community Resources We Need:

  • Short Term (1-6 Week) Paid Internships

  • Chiropractic Services

  • Massage Therapy Services

  • Medical/ Dental Care

  • Language Translators

  • Scholarships for Beauty and Medical Technician Schools

  • Life / Motivational Coaching

  • Personal Health and Fitness Instruction

Once you are approved, Case Managers and Victim Advocates can see your profile and create referrals for qualifying clients. You'll receive an emailed request along with a short description of your match and instructions on next steps.

Sign-up today and be someone's hero.

Ready to Make an Impact?

SOL Media is currently seeking members to create a healthy, engaged “role-based” board by intentionally recruiting board members based on the needs of our organization. We believe board members are meant to serve as “guardrails” around our organizational mission from a 30,000-ft. view. The board also creates a “culture of guidance.” Three ways we believe, a healthy, functional board creates a culture of guidance:

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